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What does "omenis" mean?

"Omenis" [ɔ:mɛnɪs] is an archaic Lithuanian word for "mind" in somewhat narrower, more physical meaning, for example:

Lithuanian: "Turėk omeny, ką jis sakė, tai turėtų padėti"
English key: "
Have in [your] omenis, what he said, it should help"
English: "It should be helpful, if you would b
e prepared to remember and act according to what he said"

It feels like any concept is expected to work simply because its location in omenis. If it doesn't work - you missed (the point) and the concept was left outside your omenis. The most exact, shortest English translation, that I can think of - "remembrance capacity".

To be exhaustive about Lithuanian language, there is one more, casual and truly rare use of "omenis" for "consciousness". One may think of unconscious man as of a man, who (temporarily) lost his "remembrance capacity".

Lithuanians frequently use "omenis" in their everyday speech, but there is a catch - they use it almost exclusively in locative case "omenyje", "omeny" [ɔ:mɛnĩ:] (as it was in the example above).

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